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Helsingborg, Scania, Sweden



Matches 1 to 75 of 75

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Backe, Karina Victoria   I186498
2 Banck (Banck), Erik Otto   I182477
3 Banck (Banck), Johan Erik August  18 Apr 1878Helsingborg, Scania, Sweden I182468
4 Banck (Banck), Katia  17 Oct 1945Helsingborg, Scania, Sweden I182478
5 Banck (Banck), Matthias Otto Carsten   I182496
6 Banck (Banck), Niklas Johan Marc   I182497
7 Banck (Banck), Peter Otto Björn   I182490
8 Bay (Bay of Rudkøbing), Lars Christian Qvistgaard   I173975
9 Bemarell, Eva Christina Svensson  25 Oct 1948Helsingborg, Scania, Sweden I223177
10 Bengtsson, Magnus Alfred Charles   I190936
11 Bergen, Alexander Magnus von  11 Oct 1777Helsingborg, Scania, Sweden I412980
12 Bergen, Johan Niclas Berikemeijer "von  26 Jun 1792Helsingborg, Scania, Sweden I412981
13 Bergen, Johan Petter von  Abt Jun 1809Helsingborg, Scania, Sweden I412959
14 Bergen, Lars Gustaf von  3 Sep 1855Helsingborg, Scania, Sweden I412953
15 Bergström, Annika Kristina   I167444
16 Blæsbjerg, Sophie  13 Mar 1880Helsingborg, Scania, Sweden I284969
17 Carlberg, Ninni Ingrid Viviann   I182508
18 Cedergren, Hugo  26 Jul 1891Helsingborg, Scania, Sweden I1252
19 Dahlgren, Anne-Madeleine   I140267
20 Dahlgren, Bengt Magnus Gunnar   I140269
21 Dahlgren, Malin Susanne   I140265
22 Dahlgren, Marie-Charlotte   I140266
23 Dahlgren, Mariette Elsa Helena   I140268
24 Edelmann, Solveig  20 Aug 1898Helsingborg, Scania, Sweden I409163
25 Ehlers, Jørgen  1647Helsingborg, Scania, Sweden I280044
26 Fine (Fine), Arnold Hansen de  9 Apr 1614Helsingborg, Scania, Sweden I230345
27 Fine (Fine), Barbara Hansen de  1615Helsingborg, Scania, Sweden I230217
28 Fine (Fine), Christopher Hansen de  1625Helsingborg, Scania, Sweden I230461
29 Fine (Fine), Knud Hansen de  1616Helsingborg, Scania, Sweden I230256
30 Fox (Fox of Sweden), Stefan   I223320
31 Fürstenberg (Fürstenberg of Meckleburg), Stefan Nils Christer   I140586
32 Geijer, Marianne Sigrid Irma von   I145077
33 Geijer, Salomon Gottschalk von  8 May 1821Helsingborg, Scania, Sweden I194420
34 Geijer, Stefan Erik Wilhelm Hallwyl von   I145078
35 Gjedde, Anna  7 May 1629Helsingborg, Scania, Sweden I233545
36 Hage (Hage), Henri Christoffer   I175812
37 Hedemann (Hedemann), Tove von  24 Apr 1921Helsingborg, Scania, Sweden I193290
38 Henkelstam, Erik Axel Wilhelm Haakansson  29 Sep 1900Helsingborg, Scania, Sweden I223172
39 Henkelstam, Irma Wily Elisabeth Haakansson   I223281
40 Henkelstam, Ulf Gunnar Wilhelm Haakansson  2 Nov 1932Helsingborg, Scania, Sweden I223283
41 Hjelm, Augusta Ulrikka  10 Aug 1842Helsingborg, Scania, Sweden I88666
42 Irgens-Møller, Ebba Marianne   I145286
43 Jahn, Bente Jensen  Abt 1630Helsingborg, Scania, Sweden I280269
44 Kjellberg, Eva Christina "Stina"   I182481
45 La Cour (La Cour), Jan Ulrik Dornonville de  10 Oct 1942Helsingborg, Scania, Sweden I223234
46 La Cour (La Cour), Pierre Bjarne Dornonville de   I222865
47 Lindberg, Marianne   I146433
48 Lundgren, Barbro Anita Margaretha Davidsson  26 Jul 1950Helsingborg, Scania, Sweden I162964
49 Lundström, Iram Paloema Cecilia   I145080
50 Lundström, Signe Mathilde Wilhelmina   I145079
51 Marsvin (Marsvin), Helle  14 Jul 1566Helsingborg, Scania, Sweden I180930
52 Philipson, Jan   I140903
53 Pihl, Andreas Nielsen  Abt 1654Helsingborg, Scania, Sweden I117526
54 Pihl, Christine  1607Helsingborg, Scania, Sweden I104096
55 Pihl, Niels Ebbesen  Abt 1604Helsingborg, Scania, Sweden I104097
56 Rhedin, Clara Gunhild  24 Jan 1886Helsingborg, Scania, Sweden I169599
57 Silander, Gustaf Torsten Haraldson   I79268
58 Stibe, Marianne Birgit  8 May 1924Helsingborg, Scania, Sweden I50317
59 Södergren, Gustav Mauritz  Abt 1854Helsingborg, Scania, Sweden I276407
60 Tamm, Else Marika Hélène   I193791
61 Tausen (Tausen of Ribe), Anders  27 Apr 1761Helsingborg, Scania, Sweden I413001
62 Tausen (Tausen of Ribe), Anders Gustaf  9 Apr 1790Helsingborg, Scania, Sweden I412999
63 Tausen (Tausen of Ribe), Anna Maria "Marna"  Bef 19 Oct 1767Helsingborg, Scania, Sweden I412986
64 Tausen (Tausen of Ribe), Eva Petronella  2 Nov 1768Helsingborg, Scania, Sweden I412985
65 Tausen (Tausen of Ribe), Eva Petronella  22 Aug 1771Helsingborg, Scania, Sweden I412983
66 Tausen (Tausen of Ribe), Hedwig Louise  16 Sep 1793Helsingborg, Scania, Sweden I412946
67 Tausen (Tausen of Ribe), Johanna Sofia  Bef 6 Nov 1764Helsingborg, Scania, Sweden I412991
68 Tausen (Tausen of Ribe), Kristina Katarina  5 Aug 1791Helsingborg, Scania, Sweden I412950
69 Tausen (Tausen of Ribe), Peter  6 Oct 1763Helsingborg, Scania, Sweden I412992
70 Tausen (Tausen of Ribe), Sven  Bef 5 Apr 1766Helsingborg, Scania, Sweden I412988
71 Treschow (Treschow), Hans Frederik   I79428
72 Treschow (Treschow), Niels Michael Aage   I79546
73 Wigell, Karin Birgitta   I141210
74 Wigell, Mats Edvard   I141209
75 Wingaardh, Syster Signe  12 Apr 1897Helsingborg, Scania, Sweden I285570


Matches 1 to 43 of 43

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Bemarell, Eva Christina Svensson  5 Dec 2007Helsingborg, Scania, Sweden I223177
2 Berg, Sonja  14 Jul 1941Helsingborg, Scania, Sweden I223315
3 Bergen, Alexander Magnus von  10 Nov 1836Helsingborg, Scania, Sweden I412980
4 Bergen, Alma Laurentia von  24 Oct 1889Helsingborg, Scania, Sweden I412952
5 Bergen, Hilma Catharina von  3 Oct 1887Helsingborg, Scania, Sweden I412956
6 Bergen, Jacob Wilhelm von  14 Mar 1882Helsingborg, Scania, Sweden I412955
7 Bergen, Johan Petter von  4 Jan 1865Helsingborg, Scania, Sweden I412959
8 Bergen, Lars Gustaf von  10 Sep 1855Helsingborg, Scania, Sweden I412953
9 Blasberg, Bengt Julius  1 Feb 1995Helsingborg, Scania, Sweden I387462
10 Brahe (Brahe of Denmark), Otto Tygesen  9 May 1571Helsingborg, Scania, Sweden I152515
11 Bruusgaard, Rannveig  1 Jul 1988Helsingborg, Scania, Sweden I146762
12 Cleve, Stig  1 Feb 1963Helsingborg, Scania, Sweden I143279
13 Colbiørnsen, Ulrikke "Ulla" Caroline  12 Nov 1936Helsingborg, Scania, Sweden I189755
14 Colbjörnsen, Bjarne Johansson  14 Jun 1984Helsingborg, Scania, Sweden I146749
15 Corvin, Eliana Kristina  1813Helsingborg, Scania, Sweden I413002
16 Fine (Fine), Hans Arnoldsen de  9 Jun 1637Helsingborg, Scania, Sweden I230214
17 Flach, Hillevid Christina Vendela Sophie August  29 Feb 1924Helsingborg, Scania, Sweden I85714
18 Fleron, Doris Elisabeth  8 Jul 1935Helsingborg, Scania, Sweden I177693
19 Haderup, Therese "Ese"  24 Oct 1958Helsingborg, Scania, Sweden I182467
20 Henkelstam, Erik Axel Wilhelm Haakansson  6 Nov 1957Helsingborg, Scania, Sweden I223172
21 Jespersen, Christian Preben Friis  20 Feb 2000Helsingborg, Scania, Sweden I142941
22 Kapferer, Anna Maria  14 Jun 1970Helsingborg, Scania, Sweden I384488
23 Knudsen, Kirsten  21 May 1650Helsingborg, Scania, Sweden I32737
24 La Cour (La Cour), Jens Lassen Faurschou Dornonville de  5 Dec 1956Helsingborg, Scania, Sweden I128445
25 Olsson, Maja Edla Kristina  23 Sep 2009Helsingborg, Scania, Sweden I222841
26 Orup, Andriette Catharina Laurentia  26 Nov 1889Helsingborg, Scania, Sweden I412958
27 Petersen, Anne Marie  21 Aug 1938Helsingborg, Scania, Sweden I141564
28 Petri, Knud  4 Dec 2004Helsingborg, Scania, Sweden I386591
29 Pihl, Christine  Abt 1660Helsingborg, Scania, Sweden I104096
30 Pihl, Niels Ebbesen  Abt 1660Helsingborg, Scania, Sweden I104097
31 Rantzien, Ebba Caroline Petterson  9 Apr 1953Helsingborg, Scania, Sweden I166389
32 Reventlow (Reventlow), Hilda Louise Caroline Emma Adelheid, Comtesse  21 Feb 1914Helsingborg, Scania, Sweden I133242
33 Rosenkrantz (Rosenkrantz), Privy Councillor (Joint Minister Of Denmark) Gunde Holgersen  1675Helsingborg, Scania, Sweden I154965
34 Sparre-Ulrich (Ulrich of Hildesheim), Erhardt  20 May 1980Helsingborg, Scania, Sweden I162577
35 Sprengel, Frantz Heinrich von  1710Helsingborg, Scania, Sweden I159694
36 Stenbeck, Nils  22 Mar 1834Helsingborg, Scania, Sweden I413018
37 Sweden (Bernadotte), Gustaf VI Adolf "Oscar Frederik Vilhelm Olaf Gustaf Adolf", Duke of Scania, King of  15 Sep 1973Helsingborg, Scania, Sweden I135890
38 Sylvestersen, Margrethe  9 May 1978Helsingborg, Scania, Sweden I54181
39 Tausen (Tausen of Ribe), Eva Petronella  1828Helsingborg, Scania, Sweden I412983
40 Tausen (Tausen of Ribe), Johan Peter  1812Helsingborg, Scania, Sweden I413003
41 Tausen (Tausen of Ribe), Sven  28 Feb 1775Helsingborg, Scania, Sweden I413010
42 Utzon (Udesen), Kristian  29 Dec 1979Helsingborg, Scania, Sweden I54094
43 Wilkens (Wilkens of Sweden), Ellen Maria  8 Jan 1984Helsingborg, Scania, Sweden I50310


Matches 1 to 7 of 7

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID 
1 Banck (Banck), Johan Erik August  Helsingborg, Scania, Sweden I182468
2 Bemarell, Eva Christina Svensson  19 Dec 2007Helsingborg, Scania, Sweden I223177
3 Berg, Sonja  17 Jul 1941Helsingborg, Scania, Sweden I223315
4 Haderup, Therese "Ese"  Helsingborg, Scania, Sweden I182467
5 Henkelstam, Erik Axel Wilhelm Haakansson  21 Nov 1957Helsingborg, Scania, Sweden I223172
6 Olsson, Maja Edla Kristina  8 Oct 2009Helsingborg, Scania, Sweden I222841
7 Ulfeldt (Ulfeldt), Christopher  24 Oct 1653Helsingborg, Scania, Sweden I61225


Matches 1 to 15 of 15

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Occupation    Person ID 
1 Banck (Banck), Johan Erik August  Helsingborg, Scania, Sweden I182468
2 Banck (Banck), Katia  Helsingborg, Scania, Sweden I182478
3 Banck (Banck), Percy  Helsingborg, Scania, Sweden I180057
4 Blixen-Finecke (Blixen-Finecke), Vilhelm Carl Ferdinand Christian Frederik Hilda Rudolph Gustaf, Baron von  Helsingborg, Scania, Sweden I158905
5 Busch, Georg Ludvig  Helsingborg, Scania, Sweden I170632
6 Carlberg, Aake Ivan  Helsingborg, Scania, Sweden I182509
7 Dæhnfeldt (Dæhnfeldt), Ludvig  Helsingborg, Scania, Sweden I86088
8 Erlandsen, Johan  1258Helsingborg, Scania, Sweden I206555
9 Gotsch, Isidor Ferdinand  Helsingborg, Scania, Sweden I148175
10 Jespersen, Christian Preben Friis  Helsingborg, Scania, Sweden I142941
11 Kjellberg, Carl   I182483
12 Petersen, Peter Thomas  Helsingborg, Scania, Sweden I122284
13 Rønne (Rønne of Denmark), Frederik Vilhelm  Helsingborg, Scania, Sweden I193604
14 Schmidten (Schmidten), Ludvig August "Gustav" von  Helsingborg, Scania, Sweden I121173
15 Sjögren, I A  Helsingborg, Scania, Sweden I77291


Matches 1 to 12 of 12

   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Allesen / Fine (Fine)  1634Helsingborg, Scania, Sweden F95987
2 Bay (Bay of Rudkøbing) / Stibe  30 Oct 1948Helsingborg, Scania, Sweden F20717
3 Bertelsen / La Cour (La Cour)  10 Jan 1934Helsingborg, Scania, Sweden F92827
4 Brahe (Brahe of Denmark) / Holck (Holck of Barritskov)  6 Sep 1590Helsingborg, Scania, Sweden F61128
5 Casado Y Velano (Casado) / Gyldensteen (Gyldensteen)  1721Helsingborg, Scania, Sweden F60860
6 Geijer / Brattström   F58115
7 Mörner of Morlanda (Mörner) / Banck (Banck)  28 Sep 1938Helsingborg, Scania, Sweden F57156
8 Silander / Treschow (Treschow)   F17686
9 Skaarup (Skaarup 3) / Banck (Banck)  7 Oct 1939Helsingborg, Scania, Sweden F57186
10 Treschow (Treschow) / Ferbeck  15 Aug 1943Helsingborg, Scania, Sweden F17692
11 Treschow (Treschow) / Olsson   F17722
12 Vind (Vind) / Giedde (Giedde)  21 Sep 1656Helsingborg, Scania, Sweden F61037

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