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Flade, North Jutland, Denmark



Matches 1 to 68 of 68

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Ammitzbøll, Hagar Cathrine  20 Dec 1738Flade, North Jutland, Denmark I50126
2 Ammitzbøll, Henrik  1733Flade, North Jutland, Denmark I50114
3 Ammitzbøll, Kirstien  26 Nov 1744Flade, North Jutland, Denmark I50128
4 Ammitzbøll, Kirstine Sørensen  8 Apr 1749Flade, North Jutland, Denmark I50133
5 Ammitzbøll, Laurids  17 Oct 1740Flade, North Jutland, Denmark I50131
6 Ammitzbøll, Niels  31 May 1735Flade, North Jutland, Denmark I50123
7 Andersen, Anne  1781Flade, North Jutland, Denmark I67838
8 Andersen, Jens  1778Flade, North Jutland, Denmark I67834
9 Andersen, Jens  1 Nov 1784Flade, North Jutland, Denmark I67840
10 Andersen, Karen  1777Flade, North Jutland, Denmark I67833
11 Andersen, Karen  1788Flade, North Jutland, Denmark I67841
12 Andersen, Kirsten  1769Flade, North Jutland, Denmark I93096
13 Andersen, Marie  1782Flade, North Jutland, Denmark I67836
14 Bagger (Burchardsen), Ludvig Hemmer  27 Mar 1749Flade, North Jutland, Denmark I114734
15 Begtrup, Christine Marie  27 Dec 1846Flade, North Jutland, Denmark I91568
16 Bertelsen, Alma  17 Sep 1891Flade, North Jutland, Denmark I53381
17 Brandstrup (Brandstrup), Lars Christian Mathiasen  4 Oct 1818Flade, North Jutland, Denmark I183950
18 Brandstrup (Brandstrup), Laura Antonia  26 Sep 1869Flade, North Jutland, Denmark I183366
19 Brandstrup (Brandstrup), Sophie Marie  17 Apr 1816Flade, North Jutland, Denmark I185237
20 Buchwald (Buchwald), Caspar Schade  1840Flade, North Jutland, Denmark I125583
21 Buchwald (Buchwald), Christian Funder  1833Flade, North Jutland, Denmark I125585
22 Buchwald (Buchwald), Eline Rebekka  1836Flade, North Jutland, Denmark I125578
23 Buchwald (Buchwald), Elisa  1831Flade, North Jutland, Denmark I125579
24 Buchwald (Buchwald), Jacob Schade  1842Flade, North Jutland, Denmark I125581
25 Buchwald (Buchwald), Ludwig  1843Flade, North Jutland, Denmark I125580
26 Buchwald (Buchwald), Peter August  1832Flade, North Jutland, Denmark I125586
27 Buchwald (Buchwald), Rudolph  1834Flade, North Jutland, Denmark I125584
28 Bugge (Bugge of Denmark), Borghild  8 Aug 1891Flade, North Jutland, Denmark I183367
29 Bugge (Bugge of Denmark), Erling  19 Nov 1892Flade, North Jutland, Denmark I185245
30 Christensen, Ane Marie  15 Dec 1846Flade, North Jutland, Denmark I90232
31 Christensen, Christen  31 May 1762Flade, North Jutland, Denmark I62405
32 Christensen, Christiane  1834Flade, North Jutland, Denmark I94773
33 Christensen, Maren  1705Flade, North Jutland, Denmark I90094
34 Christiansen, Johanne  1793Flade, North Jutland, Denmark I69863
35 Graae (Graae), Maren Nielsen  Abt 1700Flade, North Jutland, Denmark I93496
36 Hansen, Maren  3 Jul 1803Flade, North Jutland, Denmark I183952
37 Hegelund (Hegelund of Naestved), Alfred  6 Dec 1871Flade, North Jutland, Denmark I44127
38 Hejlesen, Maren  25 May 1698Flade, North Jutland, Denmark I89310
39 Høymarch, Cathrine Marie  1 Mar 1740Flade, North Jutland, Denmark I93498
40 Jansen, Mette Marie  1782Flade, North Jutland, Denmark I173172
41 Jensen, Anders  1750Flade, North Jutland, Denmark I67832
42 Jensen, Anders Saugmand  1758Flade, North Jutland, Denmark I67837
43 Jensen, Ingeborg  28 Nov 1898Flade, North Jutland, Denmark I89559
44 Karup, Hans Severin  9 Apr 1803Flade, North Jutland, Denmark I93928
45 Kjærulf (Kierulff), Ida Kirstine Clausen  Abt 1686Flade, North Jutland, Denmark I254546
46 Knudsen, Thomas  1680Flade, North Jutland, Denmark I89151
47 Larsen, Ane  4 Jul 1778Flade, North Jutland, Denmark I88328
48 Meyer, Cathrine Helmersen  Abt 1658Flade, North Jutland, Denmark I50087
49 Mørck (Mørch of Jegindø), Christian  19 Jan 1778Flade, North Jutland, Denmark I240606
50 Neist, Sofus  1862Flade, North Jutland, Denmark I94772
51 Neist, Thevedor  1863Flade, North Jutland, Denmark I94771
52 Nejst, Julius  1874Flade, North Jutland, Denmark I94770
53 Nielsen, Niels Christian  14 Jul 1892Flade, North Jutland, Denmark I60361
54 Olesen, Maren  12 Nov 1815Flade, North Jutland, Denmark I69871
55 Simonsen, Mads  1800Flade, North Jutland, Denmark I183951
56 Stampe (Stampe of Kiel), Jens Henriksen  24 Nov 1682Flade, North Jutland, Denmark I156855
57 Steenstrup (Vogelius), Helene Cathrine  1778Flade, North Jutland, Denmark I191879
58 Tancke (Tanke), Hans Poulsen  Abt 1650Flade, North Jutland, Denmark I155681
59 Thomasen, Anne Catrine  4 Aug 1804Flade, North Jutland, Denmark I67857
60 Thomasen, Margrethe  10 Jun 1785Flade, North Jutland, Denmark I67849
61 Thomsen, Christen  10 Mar 1794Flade, North Jutland, Denmark I67854
62 Thomsen, Jens  10 Jul 1787Flade, North Jutland, Denmark I67851
63 Thomsen, Karen Marie  1 Mar 1792Flade, North Jutland, Denmark I67853
64 Thomsen, Mads  2 Feb 1790Flade, North Jutland, Denmark I67852
65 Thomsen, Ole  10 Apr 1798Flade, North Jutland, Denmark I67855
66 Thomsen, Thomas  1 Oct 1800Flade, North Jutland, Denmark I67856
67 Thygesen (Thygeson), Ane Cathrine  19 Aug 1756Flade, North Jutland, Denmark I49081
68 Thygesen (Thygeson), Søren  25 Jul 1758Flade, North Jutland, Denmark I49080


Matches 1 to 12 of 12

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Christened    Person ID 
1 Andersen, Karen  19 May 1777Flade, North Jutland, Denmark I67833
2 Brandstrup (Brandstrup), Laura Antonia  5 May 1870Flade, North Jutland, Denmark I183366
3 Christensen, Anne  Flade, North Jutland, Denmark I62454
4 Christensen, Christen  Flade, North Jutland, Denmark I62476
5 Madsen, Catrine  17 Jun 1759Flade, North Jutland, Denmark I67827
6 Madsen, Margrethe  27 Oct 1753Flade, North Jutland, Denmark I67824
7 Nielsen, Karen  3 Jan 1796Flade, North Jutland, Denmark I93577
8 Nielsen, Kirsten Marie  22 Sep 1798Flade, North Jutland, Denmark I93574
9 Thomasen, Anne  10 May 1733Flade, North Jutland, Denmark I92193
10 Thomasen, Inger Hellena  25 Sep 1735Flade, North Jutland, Denmark I92667
11 Thomsen, Hejle  25 Apr 1728Flade, North Jutland, Denmark I91844
12 Thomsen, Jørgen  21 Oct 1731Flade, North Jutland, Denmark I91982


Matches 1 to 16 of 16

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Amme, Husmand Niels Chrestensen  28 Aug 1820Flade, North Jutland, Denmark I254131
2 Ammitzbøll, Kirstien  10 Mar 1745Flade, North Jutland, Denmark I50128
3 Ammitzbøll, Søren Henriksen  21 Feb 1764Flade, North Jutland, Denmark I50084
4 Calmer, Inger Helene Thomasen  1 Jan 1785Flade, North Jutland, Denmark I67714
5 Christensen, Christen  2 Apr 1888Flade, North Jutland, Denmark I90230
6 Hagedorn (Hagedorn of Denmark), Karen Frantsen  1748Flade, North Jutland, Denmark I92467
7 Høymarch, Jens Christensen  3 Mar 1748Flade, North Jutland, Denmark I93497
8 Immersen, Else  25 Dec 1834Flade, North Jutland, Denmark I254132
9 Jensen, Thomas  1 Mar 1805Flade, North Jutland, Denmark I67848
10 Madsen, Karen  1782Flade, North Jutland, Denmark I67820
11 Madsen, Maria  1791Flade, North Jutland, Denmark I67822
12 Meyer, Cathrine Helmersen  15 Apr 1731Flade, North Jutland, Denmark I50087
13 Mørck (Mørch of Jegindø), Christian Pedersen  11 May 1777Flade, North Jutland, Denmark I240610
14 Nielsen, Ole Christian  1922Flade, North Jutland, Denmark I90810
15 Pedersen, Julius  1897Flade, North Jutland, Denmark I59547
16 Riber (Buch of Nagbøl), Anna Hansen Ølgod  24 May 1705Flade, North Jutland, Denmark I185165


Matches 1 to 16 of 16

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID 
1 Calmer, Anne Marie Thomasen  22 May 1809Flade, North Jutland, Denmark I67720
2 Christensen, Christen  14 Jul 1784Flade, North Jutland, Denmark I62476
3 Christensen, Else,  18 Nov 1821Flade, North Jutland, Denmark I89814
4 Christensen, Niels  15 Mar 1874Flade, North Jutland, Denmark I90812
5 Christensen, Niels "Haandbæk"  9 Mar 1844Flade, North Jutland, Denmark I90777
6 Jensen, Jens Christian  28 Apr 1943Flade, North Jutland, Denmark I89684
7 Jensen, Mads  25 Jan 1822Flade, North Jutland, Denmark I89812
8 Jensen, Thomas  3 Mar 1805Flade, North Jutland, Denmark I67848
9 Laursen, Laurs  18 Apr 1773Flade, North Jutland, Denmark I290059
10 Madsen, Maria  16 Mar 1791Flade, North Jutland, Denmark I67822
11 Madsen, Niels  Flade, North Jutland, Denmark I62103
12 Mørck (Mørch of Jegindø), Christian Pedersen  May 1777Flade, North Jutland, Denmark I240610
13 Nielsen, Christian Peter  9 Jan 1863Flade, North Jutland, Denmark I90780
14 Nielsen, Niels  3 Jun 1879Flade, North Jutland, Denmark I90796
15 Nielsen, Ole Christian  1922Flade, North Jutland, Denmark I90810
16 Pedersen, Søren  22 Apr 1902Flade, North Jutland, Denmark I61513


Matches 1 to 27 of 27

   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Bugge (Bugge of Denmark) / Brandstrup (Brandstrup)  6 Nov 1890Flade, North Jutland, Denmark F77149
2 Christensen / Andersen  24 Sep 1826Flade, North Jutland, Denmark F40716
3 Christensen / Hansen  23 Aug 1800Flade, North Jutland, Denmark F40707
4 Christensen / Nielsen  7 Apr 1828Flade, North Jutland, Denmark F40702
5 Christensen / Olesen  12 Nov 1849Flade, North Jutland, Denmark F40715
6 Hansen / Jensen  27 Jun 1819Flade, North Jutland, Denmark F40490
7 Holmen / Jørgensen  13 Dec 1817Flade, North Jutland, Denmark F29763
8 Høj / Christensen  13 Dec 1928Flade, North Jutland, Denmark F59178
9 Høymarch / Graae (Graae)  3 Dec 1727Flade, North Jutland, Denmark F41862
10 Jacobsen / Olesen  1 Apr 1898Flade, North Jutland, Denmark F40516
11 Jensen / Christensen  18 Oct 1800Flade, North Jutland, Denmark F40382
12 Jensen / Madsen  22 Oct 1776Flade, North Jutland, Denmark F32421
13 Jensen / Madsen  13 Feb 1781Flade, North Jutland, Denmark F32422
14 Jensen / Madsen  5 Dec 1784Flade, North Jutland, Denmark F32424
15 Jensen / Nielsen  15 Feb 1835Flade, North Jutland, Denmark F40527
16 Jensen / Olesen  9 Jul 1912Flade, North Jutland, Denmark F40514
17 Knudsen / Knudsen  21 Feb 1712Flade, North Jutland, Denmark F40195
18 Krogh / Jensen  3 May 1805Flade, North Jutland, Denmark F23911
19 Madsen / Christensen  3 Nov 1792Flade, North Jutland, Denmark F40588
20 Mørck (Mørch of Jegindø) / Helmich  6 Feb 1770Flade, North Jutland, Denmark F99520
21 Nielsen / Christensen  16 Dec 1875Flade, North Jutland, Denmark F40710
22 Olesen / Christensen  23 Sep 1781Flade, North Jutland, Denmark F40595
23 Olesen / Christensen  24 Mar 1871Flade, North Jutland, Denmark F40520
24 Olesen / Nielsen  29 Nov 1829Flade, North Jutland, Denmark F40540
25 Thim / Andersen  12 Nov 1787Flade, North Jutland, Denmark F41719
26 Thygesen (Thygeson) / Ammitzbøll  29 Oct 1755Flade, North Jutland, Denmark F19893
27 Tvede (Tvede of Vejlby) / Nicolaisen  15 Aug 1931Flade, North Jutland, Denmark F105570

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